Informational Report


This form is used to provide data to any law firm that is representing you against any injustice experienced during the Religious Exemption process.  This comes from a major lesson learned from the United Airlines legal defense against unfair reasonable accommodations (indefinite, unpaid leave).

What to Report

  • Anything that adversely affects your quality of life.  These can be used by a lawyer.
    • Are you losing sleep?
    • Marital problems?
    • Fatigue
    • Filed an ASAP report because you made a mistake being distracted by the present situation?
    • Any kind of stress added to your normal daily life.
    • Are you in tears or emotionally distraught?
    • Anxiety?
    • Depression?
  • Mockery or bullying from coworkers or employer.
  • Mockery or bullying from union reps.
  • Mockery and bullying includes any social media posts or messaging that bullies the unvaccinated.  
    • Save screenshots of the website, save it to a PDF, and make sure the time/date and website address is captured.
  • Any company communications (keep these in your possession – do not upload those here).  However, you can describe them in this report.
  • Unnecessary delays making you rush to make deadlines?
  • Phone conversations.  Describe them in this report.  In most states you can legally record as long as one party knows you are recording (e.g. as long as you know that you are recording).  It may be against your company policy to record co-workers, but this is not illegal, simply against policy.
  • In person conversations.  Describe them in this report. 
  • Voicemails
  • If you get a call from the company or union — let it go to voicemail and only call when you have a witness to be there so they can listen in on speakerphone.
    • When the call is over, you are your witness should write detailed notes, then sign and date it.
    • Log the incident on this form.

Keep your own paper written journal or electronic journal.  Just make sure whatever you do that it’s easy to get to if you are caught off guard (e.g. after a flight).


The contents of an Information Report will only be provided to verified law firms with a need to know.  Some aggregate statistics may be used for other purposes.  Personally identifiable information will not be provided to anyone except law firms.